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Provided by MedicineNet
A ruling by the European Court of Justice has paved the way for patients on long NHS waiting lists to seek treatment within another EU country
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Coping with Glaucoma
A Guide to Living with Glaucoma for You and Your Family

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Medicare Services Eye Surgery

Dr Benoit Regnaut

Dr Benoit Regnaut

Tired of waiting for the N.H.S. for your cataract or glaucoma eye surgery ?
Our Eye Surgeons are waiting and can carry out these Operations almost immediately at our specialist Clinics in the North Of France.

Cataract operations from only 1750 per eye.

You can now speed up the process, and what's more it's more affordable for many more patients Living in the UK and Ireland.

All operations are conducted in Calais, France by a team of respected, highly qualified Ophthalmic Surgeons in our Private Registered Clinic.

Tremendous savings can be made on the cost of Cataract removal, Glaucoma Surgery, or Lens implants by visiting our Private clinics in France.If you live anywhere in the UK and you are tired of waiting for the NHS to perform your Cataract removal, or Glaucoma treatment then we can help to speed up the process for you. It is now possible to have the operation within one week of contacting us, and what's more, the cost saving can be dramatic when compared to the same cost in private clinics in Great Britain.
If you live in Europe we can offer a fast reliable and cost effective service from our easily accessible locations in Calais. Our highly respected and Qualified Surgeons are at your service in our Modern well equipped surgeries.

I-CareMedicare Services Provide surgical operations for Cataract, Glaucoma, and Lens Implants.

Cataract Removal
Whenever possible, we aim for the operation to be carried out on the same day - Cataract Removal

LENS IMPLANTS (Standard single vision)
Ideal for those persons who are not suitable for Laser vision correction due to high powers or astigmatism  - Standard lens implants

ZOOM LENS IMPLANTS (progresives)
and now for the first time you can have the very latest Multi Focal Progresive Lens Implants. They work in a similar way to progresive lenses in spectacles which allow the user to focus at any distance, in the distance for TV and driving etc., middle distance for intermediate or viewing a computer screen, and Close for reading etc.  The ultimate in vision correction, and they are ideal for those with very high or astigmatic prescriptions, and no need for reading glasses EVER !!

Glaucoma Treatment and Operations
Due to the nature of Glaucoma, each case is independently assessed - Glaucoma Treatments


More Eye Care information and treatments

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I-CareMedicare Services Provide surgical operations for other types of operations including cosmetic surgery for Breast enlargement breast implants, Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Liposuction, Varicose Vein and Face Lifts, rhinoplasty and all types of facial laser treatments.

Many women are conscious of the size or shape of their breasts. Whether you think your breasts are too large, too small or not as firm as you would like, they can be a source of great embarrassment, making you feel unfeminine and unattractive. It is not surprising then that breast enhancement cosmetic surgery is one of our most common plastic surgery procedures. Our skilled surgeons have many years' experience in breast augmentation, breast lift and breast enhancements to give them a completely natural looking appearance. Breast reshaping procedures include: surgical breast enlargement, breast enhancement, breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction.
Breast information

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction. liposuction is a method of removing localised fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. Liposuction can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence. Liposuction can be carried out on the tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks and in fact, anywhere on the body where localised fat can be removed.- liposuction

Varicose Viens
Varicose Veins can be very uncomfortable because of poor circulation and it is advisable to have the varicose veins surgically removed to improve the circulation of blood in the effected areas. Varicose vein removal is an increasingly popular procedure for cosmetic surgery Varicose Viens

Face Lifts
As we grow older our facial skin has a tendency to wrinkle and dry, a face lift around the eyes, mouth and chin can take years off ones appearance. With modern Cosmetic surgery, face lifts and Rhinoplasty techniques can dramatically alter facial structures to give that renewed confidence. Our cosmetic surgeon in Nice is highly experienced in all types of face lifts and laser treatment for facial skin.
Face Lifts, eye lifts

Modern techniques have dramiticalle improved the possibilities for Nose re-modelling and re-sculpturing. Our surgeons in Nice are highly experienced in this area and are waiting for your call.

More information about all of our treatments


Will the operation hurt?

No. there is no pain associated with any these operations as the eye is anaesthetized or you may in certain circumstances be placed under a general anaesthetic which means you will not feel any pain.

Will it change the appearance of my eyes?

No. it will not change the outward appearance of your eyes. However in the case of cataract removal if your eye has a cloudy appearance before the operation then this will clear following the operation as new implanted lens will not be visible from the front of the eye.


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