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A ruling by the European Court of Justice has paved the way for patients on long NHS waiting lists to seek treatment within another EU country, with the Department of Health to pay the bill. The ruling by the European Court of Justice followed a case brought by two Dutch patients whose government refused to pay for their necessary treatment abroad.
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Coping with Glaucoma
A Guide to Living with Glaucoma for You and Your Family

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Here you'll find recent Testimonials and recomendations form past Patients, events concerning i-caremedicare and its services. Please check back regularly for important news and new testimonials. Many of out past patients are happy to talk to prospective patients about their experiences at our Clinics, if you would like to ask for this service contact us trough one of te e mail links and we will be happy to help you.!


Mr Leslie Law 

An Expatriate now living in Calias, Mr. Leslie Law has had both Cataract and Glaucoma Operations performed in both eyes by the team of Ophthalmic surgeons at the clinic in Calais, and is happy to recommend anyone to the services that are provided at the clinic. "My vision is perfect; I did'nt realise how much difference the operations would make! I now wear sunglasses, (by choice), as everything is so bright."


Mrs Susan Roach. 

I would like to thank Dr. P and Mrs Law for the relaxed but efficient way my treatment was handled. As an Employee of the N.H.S. for many Years, and therefore used to the long winded inefficient way of doing things, this was in more ways than one an eyeopener ! The treatment for my short sight has been a great success, I now only need reading glasses, as would any other middle aged person.

"I have already recommended this service to quite a few people because it is half the price of the UK price ! but everyone you deal with is so pleasant and helpfull.."

As it was my birthday my Husband and I had a lovely weekend in the delightful town of Lille. For somewhere special to stay we can recomend the Golden Tulip Hotel, it is lovely.

So many thanks to all involved and I hope that you will carry on offering such a good and friendly service..


[Click to Enlarge]

Mr Edward Marshall 

One of our Satisfied Patients, Mr.Edward Marshall of Dimchurch Kent leaving the clinic in Calais France following his Operation for the surgical removal of a cataract. Mr. Marshall says "Thanks to everyone at I-Care in Calais, the surgeons, the clinical staff, and Eye 2 Eye Opticians for a speedy and successful service. From initial contact to completion in less than 2 weeks....Why wait when the service is available at a reasonable cost"


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Mr Leslie Weller 

Mr. Leslie Weller on the steps of the Clinic preparing to leave for home following his Cataract removal Operation in March 2003. He was so pleased with our service he wrote this letter to us on return home.

"May I express my sincere thanks for my recent cataract operation. The service you provided was of the highest standard. The clinic staff, from the surgeon to the cleaner, gave me 100% service and I would recommend your service unhesitatingly to anyone who is waiting for treatment from the NHS to contact you immediately. My sight is now fully restored with no after effects whatsoever.

Once again, my sincere thanks,

Les Weller"

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Mr Gavin O'Neil 

Mr Gavin O'Neil of Northern Ireland having a quiet chat with Dr. P before his Laser Vision Correction operation at our Clinic in Calais.

Mr. O'neill was so pleased with the outcome that he has started to tell all of his friends and work collegues about our service. "A very big thank you for the Laser treatment performed on my eyes, I have to say that I am overjoyed with my vision, and no pain throughout the whole process. I have not had one day since the operation that my vision has not been perfect. I am looking forward to my next game of soccer.

It was worth the trip all the from Ireland, and what's more I saved a fortune, well over Half of the Price, even after paying for the Airfare and the Hotel !!! The service was great, and I was looked after from start to finish by the team in Calais"

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Mr Kenny Ramsey 

Mr Kenny Ramsey of Dagenham relaxing in one of our Clinic Private rooms following his Operation for Lens Implants. As you can see Mr Ramsey no longer needs to wear glasses !!

"Thanks for all the Kindness shown to us on our visit. We will never forget it, we were very happy with the service, the Surgeons and all the staff looked after me well, and the results are just great. It was worth the time and effort to get there, and no waitng, all done within one week, from initial contact to operation and on my way home."

Thanks to everyone at the clinic, and the team at I-CareMedicare.


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Mr Robert Dealway 

Mr Robert Dealway of Plymouth Devon, as he leaves the Clinic in May 2003 following a double Cataract Operation thanked all at IcareMedicare, and he wrote the following comments in our visitors book.

" I had Both eyes operated for severe cataracts during my 5 day stay at the clinic in Calais. Both Operations a great success! Excellent service during my stay with friendly nursing staff and a clean environment...Highly recommended".

[Click to Enlarge]

Mr Robert Dealway 

Mr Chris Chadwick Seen here Leaving our Clinic in Calias in May 2003. He had Laser vision correction in both eyes and was amazed at the results of the operation.

"It was all done very quickly, I was met at the ferry terminal by the I-Care Medicare Team and taken directly to the clinic in no time at all for my preliminary consultation.

The following morning the operation itself was done in a matter of minutes, no pain, no problems, and I can really see the difference now. Another satisfied patient to add to your list. Highly recomended."

[Click to Enlarge]

Mr Kevin Campbell 
I have to say, that the service you provided was first class and could not be faulted in any way. Right from the word go you made Linda and I feel very welcome and your assistance and attention to detail made the whole process run very smooth from start to finish. I very much doubt that you would get the high level and standard of service anywhere else.

The laser treatment itself has been a real success. There has been little or no soreness / irritation with my eyes. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I can see without lenses or glasses and my vision is gradually getting stronger each day but in general it is near perfect.

Once again, many thanks for all your help. I am very grateful. Kevin


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Mr Russell Moss 
From Mr Russell Moss

Whilst surfing the net to find out about corrective laser eye surgery I came upon a website called "I-CARE MEDICARE SERVICES (FRANCE) LIMITED". The website was offering the surgery, in France, at a significantly discounted price when compared to the UK and promised an exceptionally high level of service and care. I decided to investigate further and was contacted by a Mrs Law who convinced me to book the procedure.

[Click to Enlarge]

My wife and I have just returned from France and the corrective surgery is now in place. When asked to produce a testimonial I had no hesitation in agreeing to do so since the service and care I received was second to none.

Mrs Law made all the necessary arrangements for the trip, including our hotel, and kept me well informed at all times. Our trip involved first meeting with the opthalmic surgeon (Dr P) at a clinic in Lille on Friday the 17 October 2003; Dr P performed an exceptionally thorough eye examination using state-of-the-art technology and his command of the English language enabled him to clearly explain all aspects of the operation. The following day Dr P completed the correcting procedure which including preparation time took less than 45 minutes. Although somewhat apprehensive beforehand I can honestly say that there was no pain involved at all and the results have been excellent. All of the surgical staff we met were extremely professional and friendly at all times. Dr P also arranged for all the aftercare medicines and included written instructions in English on when to use them.

To summarise the entire experience was actually enjoyable since not only do I no longer need to wear glasses but my wife and I were able to have a mini-break in France in the beautiful city of Lille."


Mr John Howlin 

LOOK at me !.

...and I can see !!!

need I say More.....

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Mr Derek Web 

Many thanks for arranging my recent Cataract Surgery which was 100% successful, and I didn't feel a thing !

The helpfulness of of my Hosts, Tullia and Leslie Law of the Icaremedicare Team in Calais, Dr. Regnaut and his team at the Clinic all made my experience as a first time "in-Patient" feel more like a Mini Break than a stay in a hospital.

If and when I need treatment on my other eye I will not hesitate to contact you. I really do mean it when I say " Nice to see you......to see you.....

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BA Awards 2002 

From an article in London and Thames Today

With a high percentage of the UK population suffering from poor or impaired vision, Laser eye surgery is becoming increasingly popular. The fact that one simple operation can eliminate the need for spectacles or contact lenses is providing an opportunity too good to be missed by many people.

However with the cost for such treatment in Britain being so high, many are shying away from getting the surgery. I care Medicare Services in Calais though offer a comprehensive service for as little as half the price you would pay in Britain.

This amazing reduction in cost and the quality of service offered by I-care has prompted London and Thames Business Today to recognize I-care work via one of our Business Achievement Awards.

I-cares hard work and commitment to providing a personal and professional service cant be matched for price any where in the UK and has led to them being deserving winners of the Excellence in Eyecare Award.

It is not just Laser Eye treatment that is undertaken at I-care, Cataract and Glaucoma treatment and surgery can also be performed at a fraction of the cost you would pay in Britain. In England you would expect to pay up to £2500 per eye for these operations, however in France it is almost half of that price. With Laser eye treatment in the UK setting you back anything between £1100 and £1250 per eye, a simple journey to Calais could save you pounds. I-care charge just £700 per eye including the consultation fee for the surgery, and you can rest assured that any operation you have with I-care will be performed by one of the leading ophthalmic surgeons at the clinic in France.

MRS. LAW from the I-care staff help all of their patients on arrival, Those patients who require Cataracts or Glaucoma treatment are given free overnight accommodation prior to consultation with the surgeon. This gives you a perfect opportunity to make a weekend of your visit and take advantage of Calais Famous shopping and 24 hour wine merchants.

I-care is proud of the relationship it has with its patients we Take care of all of our patients and literally hold their hands from the moment they arrive to when they leave. Laser eye surgery for sight correction has become very popular in France and atI-care we not only pride ourselves on the expertise and the professionalism offered but also on the high success rate as with cataracts and glaucoma patients.

I-care has recently announced an exclusive deal with Sea France where patients who make an appointment with I-care receive discounted fares on all Sea France services going to Calais.


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