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A ruling by the European Court of Justice has paved the way for patients on long NHS waiting lists to seek treatment within another EU country, with the Department of Health to pay the bill. The ruling by the European Court of Justice followed a case brought by two Dutch patients whose government refused to pay for their necessary treatment abroad.
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Coping with Glaucoma
A Guide to Living with Glaucoma for You and Your Family

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About Us

Meet the Staff!
Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.
Your contact in France . . .

Your Contact in France will be the Cosmetic Surgery (France) Ltd team of Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Tullia Law, who will co-ordinate between yourself and the appropriate Surgeon or Consultant who will be managing your case.

Clinique Chirurgicale  
Most of the Operations and procedures are carried out at the CLINIQUE CHIRURGICALE which is situated conveniently in Calais France which affords easy access to all, Rail, road and Ferry stations.

Many of the Consultants and Surgeons at the clinique have worked in Hospitals and Clinics in England and are familiar with the procedures of the UK system

Clinique Chirurgicale
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The objective of our business is to provide a high quality and reliable service for our customers.

  • We can arrange a completely tailored package for you.
  • travel arrangements
  • Accommodation for you (and a companion if requested)
  • Escort from ferry or rail terminal to hotel and or clinic.
  • Consultations with surgeons.
  • All operations
  • Post operative consultations and advice.

Our I-Care Medicare team of English speaking staff based in Calais can arrange everything for you, and will assist in the completion of all necessary documents for the consultations and operations. Your appointed surgeons will advice on the best procedure for your operation and at which clinic the operation will be conducted. If overnight stays at the clinic are required then your stay will be as a private patient in comfortable accommodation with full facilities. If you are traveling with a companion they will be taken back to their hotel, and given any assistance they may require to make their wait as comfortable as possible, or alternatively they may share a private room with the patient at the clinic for an additional moderate charge.

In most cases of cataract and glaucoma operations will be conducted the following morning after your initial consultations, and you will travel home later the same day or the following morning. Before you leave the clinic you will be given any medication needed (usually eye drops), a letter of referral for your own GP at home, and any post operative information you may require.

If you wish to remain in France for a few days following the operation for a short break or holiday our team will be able advice you on local amenities and activities and can help with accommodation and travel advice.

Our Aim is to make your stay and operation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Dr Benoit Regnaut  

Dr. Benoit Regnaut awaits those of you traveling to our Clinic in Calais for cataract and Glaucoma Operations. Dr Regnaut has many years experience in this type of operation and his relaxed and calm manner put our patients at their ease.

"Why wait for those long waiting Lists in England when we are right here waiting to improve your quality of life. Sight is very valuable, and anything that we can do to improve vision for our patients is very rewarding, both for us and our patients"..

Dr Benoit Regnaut in his consulting room.
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